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The Bethany House

In the future the Bethany House will be built on a property more suited to what we are being led to do in ReCovering Minsistry and we are saving towards that vision. 

For now the LORD has asked us to use what we have and that is a small cabin that sits on our property.  The cabin is a 3 season cabin and is available from May through September for use as the Bethany House.  

The Bethany House is a place for women of faith to come receive restoration and hope. It is a place of healing for women who are experiencing or have experienced consistent unloving behavior or cycles of abuse from their husbands or another family member.  The Bethany House is also open to those women who have experienced spiritual abuse by a religious leader.  Married, divorced, or single women are welcome.    We are looking for a property that is quiet, in the country, with easy, safe, hiking trails and the capacity to house a variety of animals, we believe plenty of exposure to both creation and animals are very therapeutic and beneficial in the healing process for both wives and their children. 

The Bethany House program is a focused program of steady healing.  The purposes in the program are to establish healthy, God-honoring habits and mindsets that encourage identity in Christ in addition to, relationship and oneness in marriage.  Many wives feel they are called to submit to being used as someone to blame and criticize, to break down physically, spiritually, emotionally or sexually, we encourage boundaries and safety in these situations.  God never instructs anyone to submit to the unloving behavior or abuse of another believer.  As believers we are called to live righteously in love.  When unrighteousness is confronted and boundaries are set in love and care, many times it brings awareness to the husband who is living contrary to God's ways and inspires change.  In addition, it brings a level of protection and sanity to wives and children who are vulnerable in these situations. 

Days 1-3 - are for rest.  After the initial period of 3 days to rest and getting settled in, the hard work of restoration begins. 

Day 3 - you will receive your paperwork to begin filling out. This includes identifying pain areas, a spiritual gifts assessment, prayer counsel, inner healing and identity materials. It will take a bit of time to finish this. 

Day 4 - is time to hear your story and continue to fill out your paperwork

Day 5 - and beyond will be focused on beginning to work through your paperwork during daily 3 hour sessions of prayer counsel, inner healing and identity coaching, in addition to any homework and journalling that is assigned for each day. 

Weekends are open and won't include formal counseling sessions unless needed

We offer 30-60 day stays at the Bethany House.  A shorter period of time is also ok. We will accommodate the program according to the length of the stay and what the needs of a woman are. 

It is an honor to hear your story and walk beside you in the beginning of your journey to wholeness.  

For more information contact us at the link below or on our contact page.  



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