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ReCovering Marriage

Marriage and family is the heart of what we do.   You can't have a strong family without a strong marriage. We really desire for marriages to not only survive but be abundant and thrive.  Just surviving marriage is not fun and it's not at all God's plan.  His blessing is on marriage when we do marriage His way.

Problems arise when we believe and live wrong things we've been taught within relationship.  Marriage is created to be the image of God on earth.  Through marriage done right we give witness to the glory of God.  We speak, without saying a word, what an amazing God we serve. 

Many marriages today are filled with fear and shame.  Our hope is we can be part of working with God to change that. The marriage relationship was created beautiful and provides the growth needed for us to become more like Messiah.  Our differences sharpen us, weaknesses are made strong through relationship with each other and our failures are evidence of God's redemption as we return and give our lives completely to Him.  

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