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ReCovering Ministries

ReCovering is a prayer counseling and inner healing ministry whose purpose is to walk with and support others out of the pain of the past and into peace and joy. Problems arise when we believe and live out unhealthy things we've been taught or assumed about relationships. This brings the fruits of unhealthy and unsatisfying relationships. 


God is in the author of relationship. He loves to see people love and be loved, He loves to love us and experience our love in return.  In unhealthy relational patterns, some or all of these ways to love are blocked and hearts are broken.  By learning and establishing healthy mindsets based on biblical principles, relationship with God, others and ourselves can be restored. 


There are three ways individuals and relationship are damaged

1.Emotional issues - unresolved pain that stems from emotional, physical or spiritual issues

2. Spiritual issues - unresolved bitterness, self-bitterness, rejection, fear, jealousy/envy and occult issues. 

3. Strongholds - compulsions, obsessions, addictions or trauma

Mindsets that are rooted in lies are often entrenched as children and can seem normal and sometimes even good. Sometimes the lies present themselves as shaming and guilt producing or as very pleasurable and exciting.  The lies often become compulsive and addicting. All lies break hearts and relationships. The big question is, "Is what you are doing working?" 

Do you feel emotionally connected to those closest to you? To God? To yourself? Do you know what emotional connection with God, others and yourself feels like? 

We care for the hearts of others through the example of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ).  This means that we rely upon the truth of God's Word, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the enabling grace of God to bring healing to a person who has been emotionally or spiritually damaged.  

We provide a safe, non-judgemental space for people to approach Yeshua, see His heart for them and heal. It takes a lot of courage to begin the process of healing.  We are honored and blessed each time someone entrusts us with their story to walk with them out of pain and into wholeness. Contact information is below. 

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