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ReCovering for Men

There comes a time in life when we begin to realize there is something that isn't quite right or we know is very wrong and we need support to begin to identify and work through all that is going on.  It doesn't stop there though. We can go through the process of healing but we also need to gain strength and find who we are in Christ in order to be fully who we are created to be.


In person meetings or phone calls with Scott to facilitate healing, gain strength and find  who you are created by God to be



You begin to tell your story.  Together we begin to identify issues and hinderances to wholeness and begin the healing process through grieving,

trauma healing, repentance and forgiveness.

IMG_8909_hq (1).JPG


You continue to tell your story. This is a process of growth and beginning to renew your mind through prayer, meditating on the Word of God, and moving from destructive thought patterns to Godly thought patterns.



We walk through a process of seeking who God has called you to be in Christ and what it looks like to walk in strength and wholeness in that identity. 

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