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Mentoring Groups

Our mentoring groups meet bi- weekly for 1 hour and have a focus on:

1. Identity in Yeshua and who God has created you to be. 

2. Building healthy relationships - seeing  yourself, God and others in a healthy God honoring way

3. Guarding our minds, identifying lies, and speaking truth about God's vision for marriage, family and relationships. 


Instead of living strengthened, vibrant and free lives, people young and old are often ridden with anxiety, shame, fear, guilt and insecurity.  This is not God's plan for us.   

The lies of the enemy have been very convincing and are stealing joy, peace and growth from marriages and relationships.  When God created marriage it was to be the closest, safest and most satisfying relationship on earth.  It has been reduced to surviving it at best in most cases. 

The mentoring groups are for single or married young men and young women.  As humans we function best within the framework of community.  Community that is healthy brings clarity, support, accountability and as trust grows between the group, ultimately it's a place of feeling safe to share and learn. 

We considered just recording this info and putting it out for people to watch when they wanted but that takes away the community aspect of it and we are feeling that the Lord is telling us that interaction is needed and a very important part of this project.  There are 2 different groups.  One for single men and one for married men 

Eventually we will add groups for single and married women. 

If you have an interest in our mentoring groups leave a message on the contact us page or at the link below. 

Some of the topics that will be a part of the meetings are:

God-honoring perspectives of men and women, discussions about the lies that try to convince us contrary to God's way and replacing those lies with truth so we can move forward with healthy God honoring perspectives within our relationships. 

Identity in Yeshua (Jesus)

Scarcity vs. Abudance mindsets

Hearing God

Healing fear, guilt and shame - walking in joy, peace and strength

The blessings in the season of singleness 

The Covering of the family - the support and shepherd of the family

The Helpmeet - the support and radar of the family 

Being a man of God

Walking in Integrity and Humility

How to identify the lies of the enemy and why he wants you to believe them

Protecting and nurturing women and children

Living under the headship of Yeshua (Jesus)




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